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Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate chair massage is a growing phenomenon across the UK.

As levels of stress and other work related health problems such as repetitive strain injury are on the rise, companies have been seeking out ways to help combat the problem.

A regular chair massage in the workplace is an excellent way of reducing stress and fatigue amongst office employees as well as preventing muscular or skeletal problems arising from long periods sat at a desk.

There are no oils involved (as in traditional massage therapy) and no clothing is removed. A portable massage chair can be brought to the office and placed in the corner so there is very little disruption caused.

The benefits for the employee of just a five minute chair massage during the work day are numerous.

They include renewed energy, loss of fatigue, increased focus, more alertness, enhanced thinking and an overall feeling of happiness and well being.

Invariably these positive feelings work together to create a calm and enjoyable work environment.

Businesses benefit too from workplace massage by having an energised and motivated workforce where morale is high. Not only is productivity increased, but money is saved through less absenteeism and lower work related illness.

Companies who offer corporate massage as an employee benefit often have a lower staff turnover rate than companies who don’t and are more likely to retain the very best talent and important workers.

Alternate Energy has been providing corporate massage for many years and cannot be beaten in terms of value for money or quality of service.

Absolute Energy provide corporate chair massage throughout the UK including London and the South, Manchester and Leeds in the Midlands.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business.