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The negative effects of stress are fast becoming one of the most critical factors affecting the well-being of employees in the workplace today. Many UK businesses are seeking inexpensive and convenient ways of combating this occupational hazard with stress widely recognized as one of the most common causes of absence from work.

The Shulman Report (1996) has shown why massage at work is now emerging as one of the most successful methods in this battle against stress in the workplace. Cost-effective investment in the well-being of your employees is as valuable as any other investment in your company as all businesses are dependent on the health of their employees.

Massage reduces workplace stress by 30%. For more information on the benefits to your company and staff read Massage in the Workplace- A Special Report, Gerry Pyves

For more information on our Corporate Packages including Corporate Chair Massage and Workplace Massage and how we can help you to implement a 'Well Being Programme' in your business please get in touch.